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New Year, New Fear

New Year, New Fear

In the eight-week run up to Christmas, I attended no less than eight job interviews. That’s one per week! (For those of you whose brains are still reeling from the impacts of the festive season.)

“Well, that’s great!” Some of you may be thinking. And yes, in some respects, it is. It means that my CVs, covering letters and job applications are good enough. They are working as they should. Writing CVs, covering letters and applications is one of my strengths; of this I am sure.

“But hang on a minute, if you attended eight job interviews that means . . . ”

Exactly, I didn’t get any job offers! And herein lies the problem. It’s all well and good writing job applications so good you beat hundreds of others to the interview stage, (for one job I was informed there were over three hundred applicants), only then to be told,

“You don’t have enough experience.”

I made my experience clear on the job application though? And this wasn’t just one or two times I heard this. It was every time. Feedback following every single interview I’ve had so far (and it’s more than the eight preceding Christmas), has been,

“You interviewed very well, but we hired someone with more relevant experience,”

Well, I can’t do anything about the experience I currently lack – unless someone gives me a break so I can get it! So where do I go from here?