Kle Selfie 22.02.17

Most recent me! Taken March 2017. Looking a bit more preppy and conservative – *sigh* the joys of adulthood! I suppose it at least means I’m more employable.

Mummy Rivett’s Masterpiece!


Hey there, thank you for checking out my blog! I am an aspiring artist and writer, novelist and driver. Lover of colour and cuteness, the female form and all things new born. Animals of all varieties, especially horses and ponies. Reading and moaning, walking and yoga. My partner and poetry, the feeling of warmth and the soothing sounds of raindrops falling in the meadow.

An eccentric and somewhat quirky individual with an animated character; friends and acquaintances have described me as awesome, difficult, high-maintenance, lovely, charming, sarcastic, kind, tenacious, tactless, selfish, sweet, cute and stubborn – to name just a few.

A Graduate of the University of Portsmouth, I achieved an MA Creative Writing in 2011 and a 2:1 BSc (Hons) Biochemistry in 2007. Yes, quite different subjects I know – at complete opposite ends of the spectrum almost! I like variety and bore easily and decided that working in a lab wasn’t for me, hence not choosing to follow up with a PhD. I looked in to medicine but decided I couldn’t tolerate the idea of being responsible for killing people, and long ago I wanted to be a vet – until I realised I’d never be able to bring myself to shoot a horse in the head!

So that left me to decide to pursue my creative abilities, and here I am – attempting to achieve fame and fortune (just kidding – I’d be more than happy just to get my novel published) as a meagre writer and artist by following my heart and applying my passions! Living the dream! Some may say, let life take me for a fool and throw me back none the wiser.


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