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Transcending Tragedy

Transcending Tragedy

My apologies that I have not posted as often as I had intended. It is my intention to continue posting with my ideas about the job hunting and career process and overcoming challenges in due course.

Unfortunately I have just had to witness the rapid deterioration and passing away of my dearly beloved grandmother. A very sad and despairing time it has been. She was diagnosed with anaplastic thyroid cancer on the 3rd of August after being admitted to hospital on Friday 29th of July. I am in shock that it all happened so quickly. What a truly brave and wonderful lady she was and how I shall miss her dearly.

I have never experienced such loss, helplessness and utter despair at the NHS healthcare system. I know that nothing could be done to save my grandmother. Her prognosis was bleak, but the level of care she received during her time at The Royal Sussex County Hospital was something to be desired. It just highlighted to me the importance of good communication amongst large organisations. I have worked for the NHS and I have great respect for anyone who commits their life to making a difference in a failing system. The people are wonderful, the bureaucracy and the system are failing. Misinformation, no information and poor or no communication occurred from the moment my grandmother was admitted to The Royal Sussex County Hospital and I am deeply disappointed that an organisation that I believe in so much, I feel, failed my grandmother in terms of the lack of quality care provided.

She had to wait for over two weeks before being transferred to the beautiful St. Barnabas Hospice near Worthing at which she spent only 36 hours before passing away peacefully in her sleep. For this I am grateful. I am grateful that it was quick, that she did not have to suffer for long, and that she passed away peacefully in a place she wanted to be, surrounded by happy memories in the form of photographs of those she loved most. Gratefulness is something that I believe we all need to practice more fully on a daily basis.