Monthly Archives: September 2013

Bit of a Break


Wow, it has been a while since I have posted on here, how time just flies! I have just had my 28th Birthday which has made me realise that another year has nearly passed and I have been reflecting. How my life has changed and move forward once again in such a relatively short space of time. My time of employment in the world of marketing drew to a close at the end of March this year. I am still available for freelance assignments but I have decided to focus in a new direction – teaching.

Yes, a completely different direction yet again! I hear you exclaim, what brought me to make such a drastic decision. Well, contrary to popular belief teaching is not the ‘easy’ option of avoiding the 9am-5pm role in an office. The long holidays are appealing but I am learning fast that they are not always there to be enjoyed for leisure! Teacher’s are expected to commit a lot of extra time to training and self-improvement. As it stands, I have just completed Level 1 which included a 5 week placement in which I have planned, taught and, on occasions, despaired! However, the rewards are immense. There’s nothing quite like watching the little light bulb flick on behind young, curious eyes as all the cogs tick and suddenly, everything falls in to place. Having experienced all manner of 9-5 roles I feel confident that teaching is the right choice for me.

Teaching offers a dynamic, creative, problem-solving, interactive and challenging role! You never sit still, get a moments peace or are left struggling to find things to do or say. As someone who bores easily, hates sitting still for too long and likes variety and flexibility it ticks all the boxes. Not only that, but teaching secondary science allows me to apply all the skills I have gained over the years in to one role. It combines my creative, logical and scientific abilities and I can’t wait to get started!

While I enjoyed marketing, I realised about 3 months in to my 6 month internship that it just wasn’t meeting all my expectations. I soon became bored with the mundaneness of the 9am-5pm environment, despite working with some fantastic and interesting people. I became restless having to stare at the same screen day in, day out. It became obvious that this field was not as lucrative and as dynamic as I had hoped and the enthusiasm I had started with soon wore off. There are aspects that I really enjoyed – I loved being responsible for the companies social media and working on the competition and blog projects, liasising with freelance journalists and writers, writing copy for an entire brochure, showing off my proof reading skills and combining my problem solving skills with my creative ability. However, I often found the lack of logic and consistency frustrating and the ‘that’ll do’ quicksilver attitude frustrating. I’m very pedantic and like everything to be completed properly and precisely and there just wasn’t the time to get all narky about it.

I did learn a lot of useful skills during my internship other than marketing. My excel skills are now fully up-to-date and have come in very handy in my teacher training. My knowledge and understanding of how business and company strategies run across the board has exceeded my own expectations and I have an in-depth understanding of how to manage a business project from start to finish, far improved from what I started with. My attention to detail allowed me to pick up and apply processes from all different departments and I feel confident that this will really help me to succeed in all areas of my life. So overall, a very worthwhile learning experience.